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How good is Russian Military technology?


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It’s a mixed bag. The Russians kept up technologically through a combination of spying (they were better at intelligence operations than we were), and corner cutting (their space program for example involved a numbers game…they tried over and over and lost lives and equipment in failed launches that exploded on the launch pad until they got lucky…and then only made the successful launches public). Their nuclear submarines are very unsafe relative to us ones, they do have some competitive jets, but alot fewer well-maintained combat ready ones than they claim, and so forth.

They did build some awesome infantry rifles and tanks, especially their WW2 and early cold war tanks. But the M1A1 is light years ahead.

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Russians still buzz the borders and sometimes aircraft carriers with one of their bombers and it still uses propellers. there is one example of their military inferiority. however, they readily increase their military budget each year. they also are the first country to use basically hackers to disable an opponent before attacking Georgia (the country not the state). they also are heavily funding research and development for better ballistic missiles and nuclear weapon capabilities while the US continually lets its stockpile of weapons continue to rot. The US has far more nuclear aircraft carriers and ballistic missile submarines with a significantly lower CEP than what the Russians maintain. the f-22 and f-35 are fifth generation fighters that the US has had for a number of years. the Russians recently came out with their fifth generation fighter but it is questionable to how successful it is. i’d be comfortable to say that the US is more technologically advanced. however, the russians are trying very very hard to catch up. while the democrats cut the military budget of the united states.

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